Do You Need a Change in Life?

The First Step Towards Change is Awareness

Change can be uncomfortable and you may feel like you don’t know where to start. The Energy Leadership Index Assessment is the best place to start your journey of change.


This is an extensive psychological assessment that puts your literal consciousness on paper. 


It will show you who you really are and what is holding you back from living your most True & Authentic Life.


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Price: $200.00

Includes: Assessment & 90 Minute Debrief Session

Understand Yourself Deeper

How do you perceive the world? Do you live to serve yourself or others? Are your truly spiritually connected to a higher source or are you viewing the world from your ego? Do you live with a deep passion for life or is there conflict in your life that is draining you?


We all have filters that we view the world through. These filters shape the way that we show up in life. How we view life can either enable or hinder growth. 


The E.L.I (Energy Leadership Index) Assessment provides insight on your filters of life and how it is impacting how you experience life. It reveals the hidden thought processes that impact your actions and emotions. 


This is important because for True change to start, one must Be 100% aware of what needs to change. The E.L.I can help with that. 


Once you complete the assessment, you’ll be contacted for schudule a 90 minute debrief session (included in the cost of the assessment). The purpose of this debrief session is to help you gain more clarity on your results and what they mean for you life. Awareness is the first step towards change. 

What The Energy Leadership Index Assessment Measures:

The assessment measures three things, your Energetic Profile, Energetic Stress Reaction & Average Resonating Level of Energy.


The Energetic Profile is your energy on a typical day. It shows what are the thoughts, emotions & actions that you’re having on a normal day when things are going well for you. 


Your Energetic Stress Reaction is the most typical way that you respond when you experience stress. It drives how you react to stressful situations. The amount of time you spend in your Energetic Stress Reaction depends on factors such as the intensity of the stressor, your previous experiences, and your personal behavioral tendencies.


These profiles together calculate your Average Resonating Level (A.R.L). 


Your A.R.L represents the average of all your energy levels under normal conditions AND in reaction to stressful circumstances. Studies prove that higher Average Resonating Levels of energy are associated with higher levels of satisfaction in the areas of finances, relationships, personal development, achievement, and much more.

Start the first steps towards change

Price: $200.00

Includes: Assessment & 90 Minute Debrief Session


Ceally Smith is a business mentor & conscious entrepreneur who took the ELI to learn more about herself.

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